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As the popularity and intensity of the sport has increased globally, so too have the physical, mental and spiritual demands imposed upon its participants. Hence, the need for rest and relief alongside a rigorous playing and work-out schedule. Highly respected, the HMI Chapel program has become an important part of the off-ice training regimen of many elite level players across North America and Europe. For those that participate it is a profound and significant time to pause and reflect.

Here in Ontario we have a dynamic team of chapel leaders who are passionate about the game and ultimately the people who play, cheer, manage and are invested in Canada's favourite pastime. As volunteers, pastors and lay leaders from across the province, the ministry continues to thrive and grow as more teams see the value of the HMI Chapel Program as a vital part of their organization's character development, team building and support strategy to its players.

To learn more about HMI Chapel Programming, contact us at .

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